Have fun promoting your Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service projects on social media. Sharing news about your event helps bring visibility to the organization you’re supporting, and it shows the world that Dartmouth alumni care about giving back.

Use (and follow!) #DartmouthServes on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Tips for Sharing

  • Once on site, take a photo or two of people at work, and if possible, arrange a group photo of all alumni participants. A mix of action photos and group shots is ideal.
  • Share the image or images and a short message about your project on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Use #DartmouthServes. Feel free to search for posts using #DartmouthServes, and share at will!
  • When possible, tag @DartmouthAlumni to share with Dartmouth Alumni Relations.
  • Also, tag any Dartmouth groups that have helped organize the day, such as your regional club or affiliated group.


Follow these guidelines when photographing and sharing your project.

  • Ask your subjects if they are OK being photographed.
  • If you’re partnering with an organization, check in with a representative to ensure they are OK with their participants being photographed.
  • If you take any pictures of children, obtain permission from parents.

Examples to Consider

Here are some great posts we saw from previous Day of Service events. Create your own posts for 2017!



See photos from previous Day of Service events in the Alumni Day of Service Flickr Gallery.

Not on Social Media?

If you’re not on social media we still want to hear from you. Email photos and a message to kristin.maffei@dartmouth.edu.