Message from Alumni Council President

Russell Wolff ’89 ’94TU
President, Dartmouth Alumni Council

“You don’t go to Dartmouth for four years, you go to Dartmouth for life.” I heard these words as a high school senior in the spring of 1985 at an admitted students barbeque held by the Dartmouth Club of Westchester, and they have resonated with me ever since.

These words form the basis of the ever-evolving community we call the Dartmouth family. Each member of the community has a responsibility to help Dartmouth constantly grow and improve.

As alumni of the college, we need to consistently seek out ways to connect with Dartmouth. Whether we are providing feedback through the Council, reaching out to professors at the College or the graduate schools, or mentoring undergraduate students, our constant reinvestment in Dartmouth is what makes it special.

Each year the Alumni Council recognizes a group of outstanding alumni for their commitment to the College. The Alumni Council’s Alumni Awards Committees have announced the 2016-2017 recipients of the Alumni Awards, a group of people who have truly made Dartmouth a lifelong commitment. The Dartmouth Alumni Award will be presented to Philip C. Kron ’60 ’61Tu, Charles E. Haldeman Jr. ’70, and Margaret N. Sommerfeld ’90. The Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award will be presented to Maia Josebachvili ’05 and Shounak Simlai ’05 ’07Th. They will receive their awards at the Alumni Council dinner in Hanover on Friday, October 21, 2016.

The Alumni Council, which was started over a century ago, is here to both share information from the college with all of you and to represent the alumni body back to the College. Our work covers a range of topics including academic, athletic, social, residential, professional development, community service, and any other pressing or timely issues. While the council gathers twice per year in Hanover, your representative councilors are hard at work and available to you throughout the year. Dartmouth’s 126 alumni councilors want to engage with you, want your input, and will work hard to answer any questions you may have and to ensure President Hanlon and the Board of Trustees are made aware of your thoughts. We also strive to work closely with the leadership of the Dartmouth College Fund, class officers, affinity groups, and club officers to further the mission of the College.

As you think about what you can do to assist Dartmouth as it moves forward in an evolving and competitive environment, remember that we are over 78,000 strong. We can make a difference every day in the lives of Dartmouth’s current students and in the evolution of Dartmouth as a world class institution. The college relies on all of you as it seeks to maintain its leadership position in the world of academia and aspires to be an open, inclusive, and accepting place for the future leaders of the world to live, learn, and try as they grow and develop.

Thank you for your commitment to the College.

For Dartmouth,

Russell E. Wolff ’89 ’94Tu
President, Dartmouth Alumni Council