October 26–28, 2017

Chair Amber Bryant ’12 brought the meeting to order, introduced herself, and asked those in attendance to introduce themselves to the group.

Amber provided an update regarding the Lone Pine program.

Jon Scherr ’08 provided a history and an overview of the Class2Class program’s evolution, noting areas for improvement and areas for more discussion.

Jon and Amber reviewed the 2017 Class2Class program survey data with the committee. Jon followed by posing the following questions to the group.

  • What do we want our impact to be in each city?
  • What is the best programmatic manifestation of this goal?

The committee discussed various possibilities including goals, which are both social (welcoming current students to a city they may not be familiar with, and professional (facilitating introductions to alumni who can assist with career development).

Regarding the structure moving forward, the committee discussed partnering with regional young alumni chairs and class executive committees and decided to open this event to all current students and to all young alumni with a special focus on those 5 to 10 years out of college. The committee will consider hosting these events over the course of the same weekend depending upon volunteer schedules.

This conversation resulted in committee members volunteering to model engagement by acting as the “feet on the ground” developing events in their cities in partnership with young alumni chairs. Amber will coordinate the effort as the committee chair person.

Jeff Hafner ’02 shared information about Camp Granite, a young alumni gift drive to be held on March 16–18, 2018. He noted that the Dartmouth College Fund seeks four to five volunteers from each young alumni class to gather in Hanover for three days of outreach.

Nicole Losavio brought up the idea of a young alumni trip. A survey will be sent to key young alumni volunteers for feedback regarding possible destinations.

Amber brought up the idea of a Young Alumni Committee outing before the spring meeting to give members an opportunity to get to know one another a little better.