Chair Lisa Cloitre ’94, ’02Tu welcomed the group. After introductions, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Maria Laskaris ’84 provided an update on the Admissions process and the Class of 2018. This year’s application process was marked by a 6% increase in early decision applications and a 14% decrease in overall applications. Despite the decline in general applications, this was the fourth largest pool of applicants to the College and one of the strongest and most diverse pools in the College's history.

New yield initiatives were introduced this spring to better connect admitted students and their families. Dimensions offerings were expanded, and attendance rose from 800 students last year to 1,300 this year. A national strategy for alumni-sponsored yield events was coordinated with Alumni Relations. Student-to-student outreach expanded, led by admissions interns. The yield for offers of admission was a very strong 54.5%. As of May 1st, the Class of 2018 had 1210 members, well above the target. Recruiting is underway for the Class of 2019. A new Admissions website and publications for prospective students are being launched.

In order to support ongoing improvements to admissions efforts, an Admissions-Alumni Relations task force was formed in Spring 2014. This collaborative cross-office effort reviewed current admissions processes, benchmarked efforts of peer institutions, and identified opportunities for greater and more effective alumni involvement. A key recommendation of the task force and its co-heads, Maria Laskaris and Martha Beattie, Vice President for Alumni Relations, is the creation of an Admissions-Alumni Relations Committee. This new committee would operate similarly to the Dartmouth College Fund Committee, and would continue to ensure Dartmouth’s recruitment and matriculation of the very best students through joint efforts of the Admissions Office and the College’s passionate and committed alumni body.