Green Street: Catching up with members of the Dartmouth community around the world: C. Everett Koop '37

people know you as: Chick.
The real terrorists are tobacco companies, says Dr. C. Everett Koop '37, Senior Scholar, Koop Institute at Dartmouth; U.S. Surgeon General 1981–1989.

where you lived first year:  Middle Mass.

person(s) who had a major influence on you, and how:  William Ballard (Regius Professor of Zoology) and N. K. Arnold. They were my profs when I was a teaching assistant in my senior year.

one of your most memorable Dartmouth moments:  I nearly died from exposure as the monitor of a cross-country ski race for Dartmouth Carnival in 1934: temperature –40 degrees.

where's home:  Brooklyn and Philadelphia.

where you live now:  Hanover.

what you do for work:  Teach at Dartmouth.

you could talk for hours about:   Almost anything.

something you learned yesterday:   My injection fraction (heart) is improving.

favorite spot in your home:   Ejecting lounge chair.

Web site you love to go to:   Mine: C. Everett Koop Institute at Dartmouth.

biggest one-eighty of your life:   Cornell instead of Columbia medical school.

trait you love about someone dear to you:   Spirituality.

you've been meaning to get to it for years:   Clean up my several desks.

historical figure who fascinates you, and why:  Winston Churchill, because of the way he took the postwar lack of appreciation.

you blow off steam by:  Sitting quietly in a chair.

reading on the bedside table: High pile of unread books.

tops on tomorrow's to-do list:  Clean desks.

message you'd put on a billboard if you could: The real terrorists are tobacco companies. Projected deaths from tobacco in the 21st century:  1,000,000,000.