Young Alumni and Students

Your network just got a boost.

Once you matriculate at Dartmouth, you have more than 78,000 potential new supporters, mentors, and friends. Widely recognized for its influence, the Dartmouth alumni network is consistently listed as one of the nation’s most powerful. And, it’s a network that lasts a lifetime.

As a recent graduate, here’s how you can stay involved with Dartmouth:

You can also participate in social and networking events designed specifically for your graduating classes through the Young Alumni of Dartmouth Activities (YADA). 

Note: Though all Dartmouth alumni are young at heart, the programming for “young alumni” refers to those who graduated in the past 10 years.

Students, here’s how we’ll introduce you to your 78,400 fellow alumni:

Class Connections
Partners each undergraduate class and the class 50 years out. 

Hill Winds Society
Thirty students selected on the basis of their Dartmouth spirit and other criteria to be ambassadors to the alumni body.

Daniel Webster Dinners
Celebrate the impact that the senior class has made on Dartmouth College. 

Senior Executive Committee
Help lead your class in transitioning into an active alumni class.  

Mastering Money Skills
Prepare for the responsibilities of living on your own and managing finances. 

For more information please contact Nicole Losavio, assistant director of class activities.